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2. Install Analytics

Install Flowbox Analytics (eCommerce)

Flowbox provides advanced analytics and insights for eCommerce sites. To get the full potential of analytics and insight some additional steps need to be performed.


Before you start, ensure that:

  1. You have the Commerce product enabled and a Product List uploaded to Flowbox
  2. You have collected posts with products connected in Moderate
  3. You have the Checkout Script API Key. Ask your Client Success Manager about this

The Flowbox Checkout script needs to be implemented on your eCommerce site — preferably on a completed purchase confirmation screen presented to the user — to which you pass your API Key, a list of products, and an order ID.

!function(e, t) {
var o = document.createElement("script");
o.type = "text/javascript", o.readyState ? o.onreadystatechange = function() {
("loaded" === o.readyState || "complete" === o.readyState) && (o.onreadystatechange = null, t())
} : o.onload = function() {
}, o.src = e, document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0].appendChild(o)
}("//", function() {
apiKey: 'Your API Key',
products: [{ id: 123, quantity: 1 }, { id: 456, quantity: 14 }],
orderId: 100

Make sure to replace the apiKey with the API key from your account.

Can't find your API key? - Ask your Client Success Manager about this

The window.flowboxCheckout.checkout function takes three — all required — parameters.

  • apiKey – Your Checkout Script API Key
  • products – Anarray of products. The products are represented as Javascript Object with the properties id(String or Number) and quantity (Number). e.g. { id: 1, quantity: 5 }
  • orderId – A number indicating the ID of the order.

We recommend that you make a test order to ensure correct installation